Montag, 9. August 2010

A trip to Switzerland

Last weekend I was together with my girlfriend at Birmenstorf (near to Zürich) at Switzerland. We had some interresting days, visit Zürich and last but not least a very big and impressive Show of hundreds of military vehicles at Birmerstorf. The event "CONVOY TO REMEBMER" was a great show. Here the link to the offical homepage:

A absolute awesome event was the DC-3 with real jumping paratroopers. Wow. I´ve never seen something like this..and the sound of the engines was real impressive too.

Here some of my pics from the event.


Some very interresting impressions of mud..



And finally the pics of the DC-3 Dakota, the jumping paratroopers and succesful said..a great moment of the whole show:

So many impressions for go back to modelling! :-)