Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

Last news of the year 2010

TMMI Issue No. 183 (January 2011) brings a full article about building and painting the StuH 42 in quarterscale.

One o the most interesting german armoured vehicles are without a doubt the “Sturmgeschütz”. For modellers there are many kits available – I think there is no model show without some StuG´s. However, StuH 42 you can see comparatively seldom.

To gave the infantry a support weapon the 10,5cm lFH 18 howitzer was mounted on StuG III G chassis. These vehicles were designated as Sturmhaubitze 42 (StuH 42). The first StuH 42 were produced on an StuG III Ausf. F and F/8 chassis. In March 1943, the first StuH 42 on StuG III Ausf.G chassis delivered from manufacturer Alkett. By the way – only Alkett produced all StuH-vehicles. From October of 1942 to February of 1945, all in all 1212 StuH 42 have been produced.

and here the kit, of course in quarterscale:

The kit comes from Tamiya and was released under Item No. 32540. Additionally I used some nice stuff from the aftermarket. The ABER PE-Set No.48042 and an aluminium turned barrel from RB models add a lot of realism. With the stowage from “Black Dog” at least it was possible to build a authentic heavy used StuH.

Looking through my references, I joined on StuH 42 used at Sicily. After the landing of allied troops at the Italian island Sicily in June 1943 several german troops fought against the allies, among these units was the Panzerdivision “Hermann Göring” – a Luftwaffe unit. This unit was equipped among others with StuH 42 at her III. Abteilung. On all pictures I could not see a StuH with sideskirts (that is the reason why I did not used the nice ABER skirts) Only 9 StuH were in service and apparently, every vehicle had a slightly different camo. For me as a modeller was interesting that some StuH had a heavy application of camouflage only at the frontside while the backsides had only a light camouflage or stick in the basecolour dark yellow. Inspired by these interesting camouflage I decided to adopt this in similar manner.

Additional parts:
ABER PE-Set      No. 48042
RB-Models          No. RB48 B47
Black Dog            No. BDOG48023
FRIUL                 ATL: 4804