Dienstag, 15. März 2011

FAST, FASTER...BT-7 Tank Model 1935

Somehow I like russian stuff at the moment. I got on my bench the excellent kit from Tamiya and I must say: really a dream to build. More soon :-)

The BT-7 was a Russian tank produced from 1935 which incorporated some design features from tanks developed by American engineer Walter Christie. BT = Russian abbr. for: Bystrokhodniy Tank, englisch translation: “Fast Tank”). The tank featured an excellent manoeuvrability. Equipped with a 47mm main gun, it was one of the better-armed tanks of that period and it also had sloped frontal armor, a feature that would make its way into later tanks such as the T-34. BT-7s were first deployed during the Spanish Civil War and also took part in battles against German forces on the Eastern Front.
One unusual feature of the BT series was that they were ‘convertible’ tanks; the tracks could be removed and stowed on the sides of the tanks, allowing it to run on its rubber-rimmed roadwheels. The first pair of roadwheels was steerable (like a car). Around 2,000 BT-7’s were built.

Last year TAMIYA launched this very new kit of this russian tank under her item no. 35309. As usual TAMIYA offers the kit in a box with a beautiful box art. Inside the box we have 264 parts (213 in green styrene, 17 in grey styrene (for 2 crew-members as shown at the box), 10 large vinyl keepers, 8 small vinyl keepers, 8 clear styrene, 7 PE-Parts , 1 length of steel chain). Over all a typical TAMIYA kit with the promise of easy fun building.

For more information’s I recommended to visit the official Tamiya-Link:

Ok, enough theorie - here the pics of my efforts on this lovely kit:

double skinned hull

engine screen from PE with two part form - 3 steps for a ultra realistic replicate

adding some Mr.Surface 1000 for more

some more improvements - adding weld seams at the front

near of completing - the tracks are still missing- note the aluminium turned
 barrel from VOYAGER (No.VBS0154)

Time for painting - here you can see the choosed paints for an overall green finish

..and thats the result after several layers of different green tones..

maybe some of you
guess what will be next step..

..yes..Hairspray. Sprayed with a cheap airbrush..hmm, i like this smell :-)

waterthinned XF-2 white was sprayed in pattern over HS.

removal some white areas with an rigid brush

next step: different filters were applied over the whole model. I used the ready mixed products from SIN ind.
good stuff!

after enough time for drying I started with the next weathring step with oils for more colour variations

note the difference - the center panel is still clean, left & right panel recived already the oil fading

mud mud mud..I used pigents, thinned in pigent fixer. This slurry was applied with an old brush only at lower areas.
It is important to create darker / lighter areas in the mud

the result after drying..varied shades of mud

some special effects were realised with this product at the background. Again good stuff :-)

the last thing to do: some grasses / leaves were attached. I´m not sure about the result - but it looks better than a "naked" tank.

et voila..the final result after countless hours of work. Tamiya goes 10 points for this treasure!