Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

Mission PEACEKEEPING - AVGP Cougar, Part 2.0

Hi Folks,

after a long break I was finally able to finish this project. Yeah..

After cleaning the assembling components I startet with a black base coat overall.

next step: adding a green tone as base for the following UN-White. I used simply Tamiya XF-67 NATO Green

The white colour was mixed with XF-2 white & XF-57 buff. Also I added some drops of cler cote.

for the prominent UN-Markings I used stencils instead  decals

further I used the perfect suitable decals from ARCHER

detailshot of the vehicle registration plate:

I didn´t make any pictures from the following weathering steps - sorry. After appling colour, decals etc. the whole kit received filter with self mixed orange tones. Detailwash was made only with dark oils, again oils were used for some streaking effects.

and now, here the result. Maybe this model deserve a little base with some typical Bosnia accesoires.

It was a nice challenge to built this COUGAR - even if there are some frictions. Maybe some canadian experts can give comments how accurate this model stands.